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Why Choose Move for Better Health for Physio-Led Pilates Services

Pilates is fast-becoming the exercise of choice for many Australians, and rightly so, with potential benefits ranging from increased strength through to helping treat neck problems and headaches. This has subsequently led to an increased number of Pilates studios across Australia offering this type of exercise. However, in addition to the benefits, it is also important to understand the risks that Pilates may pose, and the efforts that we put in place at Move for Better Health in order to mitigate them through Physio-led Pilates.


Our team of Physiotherapists at Move for Better Health use their expertise in musculoskeletal conditions and movement to understand the intricacies of the human body and how to optimise Pilates exercises for individual needs. In addition to their Physiotherapy degrees (and additional Masters studies that many of our physios have undergone), members of our team have undertaken additional specific training or Certification in Pilates through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute and/or Polestar Pilates. We also continuously improve our skills through regular internal Pilates professional development sessions.


Our Individualised Approach

We harness the positive benefits that Pilates has in relation to rehabilitation and injury prevention by conducting thorough assessments to identify underlying musculoskeletal issues, design personalised Pilates programs, and closely monitor clients’ progress class-by-class. 

We understand that everyone’s circumstances and goals are different, this is why we individually-tailor your program with specific exercises and loads. This  helps you improve the problem areas that have been identified throughout the assessment process while reducing the  risk of aggravating them. 

In order to provide the level of care required for your needs, our initial assessment allows us to gauge your personal circumstances, any current issues or conditions, and your personal motivations. Following this, you will have one-on-one sessions with your physio in the equipment studio in order to learn and experiment with exercises in a closed and safe environment. 

Once your individual program is finalised, you will move into a physio-led class. To ensure the appropriate amount of physio time and attention is available to you, we cap the number of participants in our class in order to not over-crowd the room and reinforce our client-first approach. This tailored approach ensures you receive personalised care and progress at a pace suitable for your abilities.

Comprehensive Care and Collaboration

As an allied health centre, we offer a comprehensive range of services that range beyond the equipment studio. With a multidisciplinary team including physiotherapists, podiatrists, massage therapists, exercise physiologists, dietitians, and psychologists, our clients can access a holistic approach to health and wellness. This collaborative environment allows for seamless communication and integrated care, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive and effective treatment options available.

Client-First Dedication

At Move for Better Health, we have been running physio-led Pilates classes for over two decades, and over this time we have learnt and adapted based on client’s needs and best industry practices. We always look to put our clients first, which exemplifies our dedication to providing exceptional care and achieving positive long-term outcomes. With a team of highly trained professionals, a focus on rehabilitation and injury prevention, and a commitment to personalised care, we always aim to provide a safe and effective Pilates experience.

If you would like to start your Pilates journey with us at either our Malvern, Magill, or Glenelg clinics, you can call us on 8373 5655 (Malvern), 7070 0303 (Magill), or 8295 1294 (Glenelg). 

Otherwise, you can book your initial Physiotherapy assessment online here.

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