Move for Better Health is home to SA Podiatry Centre​, a general and specialised biomechanics podiatry clinic who provide:

  • Assessment of acute and chronic foot, ankle and leg pain
  • Detailed biomechanical and gait assessments of the lower limb
  • Diabetes assessments
  • EPC/Chronic Disease management assessment and treatment
  • Routine nail and skin care (including corns and calluses)
  • Ingrown toenail treatment and surgery (if required)
  • Wart treatment
  • Custom and pre-fabricated foot orthotics
  • Footwear assessments
  • Paediatric assessments (children’s podiatry)
  • Growing athlete assessments and injury prevention
  • Running assessments
  • Sports injury management and rehabilitation

About SA Podiatry Centre

SA Podiatry Centre​ prides itself on facilitating the path to the best possible long-term outcomes for our patients. Their​ focus is on long-term prevention of injury and illness, ensuring our patients health is never a barrier to exercise or living a healthy life.

SA Podiatry Centre practices out of Move for Better Health’s Malvern (Unley Road) and Magill (Magill Road) locations. 

The corner-stone for the success of our patients is embedded in five pillars of philosophy that underpin everything we do at ​SA Podiatry Centre​.

The diagnosis matters. And it must be understood by all.

Your long-term health depends on the initial diagnosis. We take the time to diagnose your problem, so that we can prescribe the best and most evidence-based treatment for your problem. We also ensure we take the time to explain the diagnosis, the reasons for it and provide the opportunity for our patients to ask the questions they need to fully understand the problems they have.

We define and facilitate the pathway for our patients to better health​.

The patient journey at SA Podiatry Centre is a long-term one. One that is designed to help them live a healthy and active life. We educate our patients as to the cause of their problem. We work with them to address the barriers impacting their health. We empower them to make the changes required. We provide state-of-the-art resources and facilities for our patients to use. And most importantly, we provide them the personal support they need to achieve the best possible outcome.

We are a team. And together, a team achieve great things.

We take a team approach to our patient’s health. As your podiatrist, we work with you and your wider health team at every stage of your journey. Should you need additional care or advice, we collaborate with experts in every area of health to ensure our patients have the very best advice at hand. This results in the best outcome.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. And it is best lived being healthy and active.

We think long-term. Our focus is not just on addressing the current problem, but what is required to prevent both the problem returning, or any new problems occurring in the future. This is what we call the foundation of good health. And with a good foundation, our patients live long and active lives.

Communication makes everyone’s life easier.

Open, honest and transparent communication is required to achieve the best possible outcome. We take the time to ensure both our patients, as well as their wider health team, understand what their treatment plan involves, why we have prescribed it and what we are hoping to achieve. We regularly update the wider health team on our patient’s progress, ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the pathway forward.

SA Podiatry Centre Team

Danielle Champion and Steph Howard are the Podiatrists at SA Podiatry. Danielle practices at both Malvern and Magill, and Steph practices at Malvern. 

How to Book

You can book in to see our Podiatrists by:

Online Bookings for Podiatry at Malvern

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Online Bookings for Podiatry at Magill

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