Exercise Options.

Need to get moving? Whether you need rehabilitation after an injury or simply want to improve your fitness levels, Move for Better Healthcan provide a range of exercise options that can help.

Ranging from Pilates Equipment classes to Hydrotherapy, our classes are supervised by experienced allied health professionals with extra training in the exercise methods they teach. We also offer 1:1s for those wanting a higher level of supervision and attention, as well as courses to educate you on a particular type of exercise over a set time frame.

Our Exercise Options Include:

  • Pilates Equipment Classes: Individual or small group sessions on Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Trapeze Table and Multichair. A personalised programme will be developed for you to undertake in these classes, based on an assessment by either your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist
  • Beginners Mat Pilates Courses
  • Pilates Mat Classes: Led by certified instructors, our Pilates Mat classes can be tailored to different levels from beginners to advanced
  • Pilates Reformer Classes: Similar to our Pilates Mat classes, we run Allegro Reformer classes which are undertaken on the Reformer only, and are focused on fitness
  • Pre/Postnatal Classes: These classes include Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer, Hydrotherapy and Fitness classes and are dedicated to pre and postnatal women
  • Gym classes: Individual or small group sessions to safely improve your strength and fitness after injury, surgery or to manage a chronic condition. Your tailored programme will be written by your Physiotherapist after a thorough assessment
  • Gym Circuit Courses
  • Hydrotherapy: Run in a heated pool, participants use individualized programmes to improve mobility, strength and fitness in a comfortable, supportive environment. In addition to general classes, we also run Pregnancy Hydrotherapy classes
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses

In addition to classes, Move for Better Health also runs a range of courses that run over 6-8 week time frames. We run courses for complete beginners, for those needing to strengthen their fundamental understanding of that type of exercise, and also those who need an alternative challenges added into their existing exercise routines.

Find out more about our courses here.

These options can help with:

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