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Sports Injuries.

Move for Better Health’s allied health team provides services to help you and your teams achieve and maintain high performance.

We work with athletes of all ages and abilities, from a variety of sports including football, cricket, soccer, netball, basketball, volleyball, cycling, running, dance, gymnastics and performing arts.

Our team of sports and athletic injury experts can assist with:

Acute injury management – assessing you as soon as possible once an acute injury occurs allows us to provide early advice on treatment as well as determining whether you require any further investigations such as scans or a doctor’s appointment. 

Managing the niggles – very few athletes will get through an entire season without a niggle that bothers them in warm up, during training/games or as they recover after a match/event. Often these are not seen as severe enough to mention to a coach or trainer, but in fact can be a warning sign that a more serious injury is just around the corner. For more information read our blog on this here.

Training load Review – This is especially important for prevention or reduction of load related injuries like bone stress injury (stress fractures), tendon pain (achilles, patella, hamstring and gluteal), and back pain.

Feet and footwear reviews – feet and footwear are the foundations of our athletic endeavours in nearly all sports. Our team can help with reviewing biomechanics, orthotics, or shoes to ensure you are getting the best out of your body from the ground up.

Screening Assessments – before you get started with pre-season, new sport or change in training program we can help with guiding you on what you should focus on. These assessments can be for individual athletes or your entire team or club.

Getting fitter and stronger – Our Strength and conditioning team can provide you or you team/club with an exercise program to help you achieve your sport specific or rehabilitation goals. We offer supervised exercise programs in our fully equipped gyms, as well as Pilates and Yoga programs.

How to Book

To book with any of our experienced & qualified allied health staff, you can:

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