Physiotherapy Treatment.

Move for Better Health, located on Unley Road (Malvern) in Adelaide, adopts a hands on individualised approach to Physiotherapy treatment, to produce a tailored solution for your problem. We aim to help you achieve your goals, whether they are to resolve an injury, manage a health condition, or improve your movement.

Our Physiotherapists regularly treat a wide range of injuries or health conditions, including:

Manual therapy, education and exercise are an integral part of the approach to our management plans, which aim to address and resolve the injuries or conditions we see for the long term and prevent recurrences.

Our practice fosters a passionate commitment to ongoing professional education, so we can always offer you treatment techniques reflecting the most current research.

We pride ourselves in offering our patients the latest technologies to help you achieve your outcomes. To create your tailored exercise programs we use a free app called PhysiApp. PhysiApp lets you complete your prescribed exercise program by following crystal-clear, narrated exercise videos. Built-in reminders help you to stay on track towards a better you!

We also routinely liaise with other allied health professionals as well as GPs or specialists, to achieve the best possible outcomes.

About Physiotherapy Treatment

After identifying and explaining the causes of your problem at your initial assessment, we aim to outline you the best combination of quick relief and long term benefit.

Our staff believe that movement is medicine, and use hands on treatment, prescribed home exercises, supervised classes, postural and ergonomic advice, as well as general health and well-being options to help their patients.

What to Expect

If you’re seeing Move for Better Health for the first time or for a new issue, you will require an initial assessment.

Depending on the reason for your visit, this initial assessment can vary from 45-60 minutes. During this assessment, your allied health professional will speak to you about your medical history, perform a clinical assessment relevant to your issue, provide treatment where appropriate and outline a recommended treatment plan to address your concerns. As every person is different, our treatment plans change depending on your symptoms and goals.

How to Book

To book with any of our experienced & qualified allied health staff, you can:

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