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Our Dietitians.

Laura Rushton Dietitian at 360-me

Laura has been consulting across private practice and aged care with 360me nutrition, as well as working as a clinical dietitian at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and dietetic project officer at University of South Australia.

Laura works with individuals, carers, and families, to motivate and support others towards achieving a balanced lifestyle by providing personalised food and nutrition strategies to make positive, sustainable, dietary changes for improved health.

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Ashlee Fuchs Dietitian at 360-me

Ashlee studied a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) at Flinders University. She has experience working as a community dietitian in the disability and private sector.

Ashlee supports individuals to meet their health and wellbeing goals through suggesting simple and easy modifications to their diets. Ashlee is particularly interested in weight management, diabetes and IBS.

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