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Arthritis is the most common lifestyle disease in individuals 65 years and older, and also affects individuals as young as 30 years of age.

Current national and international clinical guidelines recommend patient education, exercise and weight loss as first line treatment for arthritis.

While these guidelines are in place, arthritis treatment in Australia still usually focuses on surgery, pain relief or manual treatment before exercise and lifestyle modifications are carried out however we are starting to see this trend gradually change as GPs Surgeons and patients are becoming more aware of the importance of a more contemporary approach.

The hip and knee arthritis programme at Move for Better Health is an education and exercise program developed by our Physiotherapists.

The program includes an assessment with a Physiotherapist, strength testing with a Biomechanist, advice on how to manage the condition, and most importantly, a series of strengthening exercises which are shown to be beneficial for hip and knee arthritis.

At Move for Better Health, we provide an evidence based arthritis program, which combines our own extensive experience in the management of arthritis, with the most current research from around the world. We also use the AxIT system at The Biomechanics Lab, to get an exact measure of any strength deficits.

The exercise component of our program is run in our Gym, which contains a range of exercise equipment and weights.

Managing knee and hip arthritis in this way has been shown to reduce the need for surgery, in particular, arthroscopies and joint replacements. After completing a program like this, patients have generally reported improved pain, better strength and improved quality of life.

What does hip & knee arthritis feel like?

If your hip is affected by arthritis, you may notice:

  • Pain on or around your hip, groin, thigh or knees
  • Trouble getting in and out of cars
  • Difficulty putting on socks or picking things up from the floor
  • Difficulty straightening the hip
  • Standing or carrying a load for long periods

If your knee is affected by arthritis, you may notice:

  • Pain when weight bearing
  • Stiff or unstable legs
  • Knees giving out
  • Crunching or clicking
  • Difficult ascending or descending stairs
  • Moving from a sitting position to a standing position
  • Knock knees
  • Bow legs

What’s involved in this programme?

The package includes an assessment, a 1:1 session in the gym, 10 classes and then a review at the end of the programme. It also includes an online home exercise programme to follow and advice to help you along the way.

We have created a packaged programme with these services as we know that when delivered this way, it is likely to lead to better outcomes and we can also reduce how much it costs so more people can access it.

Arthritis treatment process

The package includes:

Physiotherapy Assessment – this allows us to undertake a thorough assessment of more than just your arthritic joint, so we can determine exactly what your treatment needs are. We also take a number of specific measurements and perform outcome measures, to establish your baseline. These will be remeasured at the conclusion of the programme to track your progress and improvement. This session also allows the Physiotherapist to determine whether you also need another health professional, such as a Podiatrist, who can provide advice on footwear and determine whether foot biomechanics play a role in your problem.

Pre-programme muscle testing (at The Biomechanics Lab*) – Using the AxIT system at The Biomechanics Lab, you will be tested by a qualified biomechanist for specific muscle strength of the key muscles that relate to knee or hip arthritis. The computerised report gives us an accurate measurement of any strength deficits in these muscles, which takes the guess work out of tailored exercise prescription.

1:1 Training session – with a physiotherapist in the gym to teach you how to do your tailored exercise programme safely and effectively. This will give you the confidence you need before attending the Gym classes.

10 Tailored Strengthening Gym Classes – Run by Physiotherapists, it is recommended that you attend 1 class per week over a 10 week period to ensure you get the best possible results. At each class, you will be supervised and guided while you do the specific exercise programme that was prescribed by the physiotherapist following your assessment. Exercises will be gradually progressed as you get stronger and your pain reduces.

Online training programme – In addition to the face to face sessions that you attend at Move for Better Health, you will also receive an online training programme that you can follow at home, with exercises to perform between your gym sessions. Additionally, the online programme will also include information and resources to help you understand your condition and what you can do to help your symptoms improve. If you are not too confident with technology, don’t worry we can help you set up your device (phone or tablet) or even just print out these resources for you to take home on paper if you would prefer.

Post-programme muscle testing (at The Biomechanics Lab*) – At the end of your Group exercise sessions your muscle strength will be retested at the Biomechanics Lab, using the AxIT system.  This will tell you whether your strength has improved to recommended levels to prevent your arthritis symptoms from returning or worsening.

Review Appointment – Based on your strength test results, and how much your symptoms have improved, the physiotherapists will provide recommendations on what you should do next at this session.

This programme is offered at both of our Move for Better Health clinics in suburban Adelaide, which are located at 277 Unley Road, Malvern, and 500 Magill Road, Magill (South Australia).

*The Pre and Post-programme muscle testing is conducted at The Biomechanics Lab, located at 91 Kensington Road, Norwood.

Who can join?

Move’s hip and knee arthritis programme is open to all individuals who experience any knee or hip arthritis symptoms, like the ones mentioned above, regardless of severity. We are able to adjust your exercise program to suit your condition and comfort levels.

It is not necessary for you to have scans or X-rays, or to have been seen by a specialist for arthritis. Our Physiotherapists are qualified to diagnose your problem in the Physiotherapy Assessment.

If there are other reasons for your hip and/or knee pain, including tumors, inflammatory joint disease, result of hip fracture, soft tissue or connective tissue problems, chronic pain or fibromyalgia, then this program may not be suitable for you.

We happily liaise with your GP or Specialist to keep them up to date with your program and to advise if further assessment is required.

How to start?

If you would like to participate in our Hip and Knee arthritis program, you will need to start by booking your 45 minute Assessment with a physiotherapist at Move for Better Health.

You can do this by:

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