Why Have a Bike Fit? By Move for Better Health

After a really long cold wet and windy winter here in Adelaide, the arrival of spring has made us all very keen to get outside more. For lots of people this will mean dusting off the bike and putting in some serious kilometres.  Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a beginner, this can be […] Read More

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome By Sam Campagnale

People presenting with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) most commonly experience vague pain around the patella (kneecap) especially during knee flexion (bending) activities. These may include sitting for a long period of time, kneeling, squatting, walking up/down steps and running.  It is most commonly reported in people aged 12-17 years however it can occur in other […] Read More

What Are Bone Stress Injuries & How Do They Affect Runners? By Sam Campagnale

Bone stress injuries are commonly related to overuse among runners and up to two thirds of long distance and competitive cross-country runners will experience this problem. The most common areas affected are the shin, lower leg, heel and foot bones. How do bone stress injuries develop? In a normal situation, the bone responds to the […] Read More

Paying Attention to Niggles By Sam Campagnale

‘It’s just a niggle’. ’I’ll be alright, it’s nothing major’.  I was able to keep playing, I’ll be good for next week’… Does this sound familiar?  Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘listen to your body’? Well, here is some research to support that players, coaches, parents and health professionals should start paying more attention […] Read More

Stretching During Study: 3 Easy Pilates Exercises By Move for Better Health

End of semester is fast approaching, which means for those of us who have exams coming up, there’s often lots of time spent sitting at a desk or in an uncomfortable study chair. This can lead to neck pain, back tension or stiffness and headaches, making the exam period much more painful than it needs […] Read More

Health & Fitness Apps: Where to Start! By Sam Campagnale

We’re using our phones more than ever, for things like daily reminders, emails, navigation and as a ‘mobile wallet’ to make purchases. But what about using your phone to track and organise important health and fitness information? There are thousands of health and fitness apps that you could download or that are already pre-installed on […] Read More

Most Common Cricket Injuries By Sam Campagnale

The summer of cricket has been an exciting one, and if you’re involved in the game you’ve probably seen and played lots of cricket by now! Cricket is played globally and is the second-most popular spectated sport behind football (also known as soccer in Australia – sorry AFL and rugby fans!). Cricket is quite a […] Read More

Hip Pain: What Treatments Work? By Move for Better Health

Think you need an injection for your hip pain? We suggest you read this first… We frequently treat patients with lateral hip pain and understand the effect that pain in this region have on daily life and sleep. Lateral hip pain can make everyday activities such as walking, climbing steps or stairs, sitting, or even […] Read More

Joint Hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome  By Move for Better Health

Joint hypermobility affects at least 10% of the general population to some degree and means that a person’s joints move too far and too easily. People with joint hypermobility can often do tricks like bend their thumbs forwards to touch their forearms or put their palms flat on the floor without bending their knees. These […] Read More

Back Pain Mythbusters By Sam Campagnale

Low back pain is a very common musculoskeletal complaint, however despite how common it is within our society, there are many misconceptions regarding its assessment and management. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, a union group in the United Kingdom for Physiotherapists, have developed four common myth busters about lower back pain. They are based on […] Read More


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Why Have a Bike Fit? By Move for Better Health

After a really long cold wet and windy winter here in Adelaide, the arrival of spring has...Read More

4 Common Problems with Workstation Set Ups By Move for Better Health

The layout and configuration of your office workstation can go a long way towards facilitating productive work...Read More

Patella Tendinopathy By Sam Campagnale

Patella tendinopathy typically causes localised pain at the patella tendon (below the kneecap).  Most general daily activities...Read More