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DISCOVER Conference Review 2022: Pandemic Related Stress & How We Look at Sleep By Move for Better Health

At our recent Conference, we were treated with back to back sessions with Clinical Psychologist Dr Neralie Cain from NLC Psychology.  Firstly, we heard about how after three years the pandemic is still heavily affecting our lives, often in ways we don’t even realise. Learning about the levels of chronic stress that has been with […] Read More

Pilates: For the Everyday Person to Elite Athletes By Move for Better Health

Many people think Pilates is targeted only towards non-athletes, however we know that many adults may benefit no matter their physical strength or capabilities. Even elite athletes find it difficult to correctly activate and strengthen their main core muscle, the transversus abdominus (TA). As a result, low back pain or other injuries may occur. As […] Read More

Pilates for Neck Pain? It’s About More Than Just The Core! By Peter Tziavrangos

When I ask people what they know about Pilates they will nearly always talk about things like core stability, abdominals and low back pain. So sometimes my patients can be a little surprised when I suggest that Pilates would be helpful for their neck problems or headaches. People with neck pain often present with tightness […] Read More

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