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Self Isolation Options for COVID-19

Did you know there are alternative options available to you, in addition to our usual face to face consultations? Move for Better Health’s Managing Director, Peter Tziavrangos, explains more in the video below:

If you have an upcoming appointment, that you would like to bring forward to a sooner time while we are currently still open, you are welcome to do so by ringing the clinic or booking online.

Telehealth Options for Physiotherapy

Our video also explains that we are able to provide you with an excellent and safe alternative to your face to face appointment, using telehealth.

You may not have considered telehealth as an option for physiotherapy before, and of course it can not replace the hands on treatment component of what we do, but it does allow us to assess, diagnose, advise and provide options for self treatment and exercise. This has been shown to be a very effective way of managing many of the usual conditions that we see at a physiotherapy clinic.

You may have already seen our Physitrack programme, which we often use for home exercises, but may not have known that we also use the same programme for live video consultations. Typically, this has been used for patients who are in remote or rural areas, and so can’t attend our clinic, but now we see that it is a great option for those in Adelaide who can’t attend also.

In addition to using this option for physiotherapy appointments, we also can use Physitrack for 1:1 exercise sessions with you, instead of attending your usual exercise class. In this case we can tailor your exercise to whatever equipment you might have available at home, and work through the exercises together with you just like being instructed personally in a class.

These telehealth consultations, whether for physiotherapy appointments or exercise, are discounted in comparison to the usual rates for face to face appointments.

We hope that these options help you with continuing with your treatment and exercise during a very unusual time for us all, and your uptake of these sessions will support us as a small business to get through this period too.

If you are not sure if your condition would be suitable for a telehealth consultation, we are happy to provide a free phone consultation with you to discuss it.

You can get in touch with our admin team at Malvern via 8373 5655 or malvern@moveforbetterhealth.com.au, or our team at Magill via 7078 0303 or magill@moveforbetterhealth.com.au.

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