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Move’s DISCOVER Conference 2022: What We Learned!

We recently held our second annual Move for Better Health conference! This year’s theme was Discover – to unlock and share the immense knowledge and expertise from within our diverse and wide group of health professionals. 

Over two days, we heard from a variety of speakers and participated in panels to learn and workshop new ways to grow as professionals, but most importantly, look for new ways in which to provide the best level of care for our clients, cross-discipline management, and fresh considerations for stress and sleep. 

We all were incredibly fortunate to experience the following presentations from our multidisciplinary teams:

We also were lucky enough to hear from this year’s conference partner, OPC Health, who are our major supplier of healthcare products, and who we can not thank enough for their support. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our other sponsors for this year’s conference, BMS Insurance and Perks Business & Wealth.

We’re very excited to be able to share some of what we learned!

What can we learn from the Golden State Warriors?

On the opening day we heard from Anthony Hirst, a practising Physiotherapist since 1992 (and a lover of basketball) from Victoria, on what we can learn from the success of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA regarding discovering new ways to provide treatment through structured programs that provide high quality care and clarity for client and practitioners alike. Read more here!

Lower carb eating

The team came back together for day two of the conference to experience a variety of talks and panel discussions, the first being on lower carb diets with Dietitian Nick Wray from 360me Nutrition. He spoke about how 360me views carbohydrates as a whole, how they should be managed in a healthy diet and their overall importance to human functionality. 

Pilates & Gym for runners

Following this was a panel discussion led by Exercise Physiologist Scott Wood from iNform Health and Fitness Solutions regarding how Pilates and gym training can work together for runners. 

He was accompanied by fellow Exercise Physiologist Dr. Nathan Harten, as well as Physiotherapists Catherine O’Brien and Bec Thiele. They used specific examples of how they have taken a multidisciplinary approach in the past for running clients, as well as broader areas we must consider to help clients get the most out of their running. Read more about this here!

Pandemic Related Stress & How Each Discipline Looks At Sleep

We then were treated to back to back sessions with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Neralie Cain from NLC Psychology. 

The first session was about pandemic related stress, and how three years on it is still heavily affecting our lives, often in ways we don’t even realise. Learning about the levels of chronic stress that has been with us for the three years was eye opening. Neralie then led a panel discussion consisting of Physiotherapist Marelle Wilson, Pain Specialist James Smith, and Podiatrist Andrea Castello about how each discipline looks at sleep with their clients which yielded some incredibly interesting and unexpected insights.

Read more about both of these topics here.

Move's 2022 Conference

Overall, this year’s Discover conference was another reminder of why we are holding these conferences annually. Not only is it a fantastic opportunity for professional development on an individual level for our clients and ourselves, but it also provides us the opportunity to discover things about the people we work every day with and their disciplines that we might never have otherwise. 

We hope you take away just as much as we did from this year’s conference, and we can’t wait to see what is in store next year!




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