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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 continues to impact our personal and professional lives in many ways. While COVID restrictions and guidelines can change and ease in some cases, it is imperative that we continue to maintain our high standards and precautions to stop the spread.

At Move for Better Health, we use the most up-to-date guidelines for best practice as announced by SA Health and the Chief Allied Health Officer.

Many new processes & procedures have been implemented behind the scenes to maintain and exceed the standards which have been put in place during COVID. These changes impact our staff and client interactions, our class schedules and capacities, and of course additional hygiene and safety precautions.

Staff & Client Interactions

Our team continues to utilise conferencing technology to run staff meetings and professional development sessions, reducing our face to face contact where possible. We also enforce a strict sick day policy for staff who are showing cold and flu symptoms, with even minor cases requiring a negative COVID test and no symptoms to be present before returning.

Telehealth services are now part of our service offering and will continue to be an option in the future. Anyone can utilise telehealth services, whether it is simply to save on travel time or to ensure you can still be seen if you are home unwell.

Our admin team have started introducing a contactless payment method which is helping to further ease congestion at the desk and reduces chances of cross-contamination.


We care guided by SA Health as to who needs to wear masks, and when. We will notify patients if masks are required, and have spare masks available around the clinic just in case. We recommend keeping up to date on guidelines and bringing your own mask where possible. 

Changes to Hands On Treatments

We ensure each treatment room is stocked with hand-sanitiser, hygienic face shields for the treatment beds, cleaning solutions and microfibre cloths. Face masks and gloves are also available for use if required.

Our staff change all linen used within a treatment and sanitise the room before the next client gets started. This may mean the Physio needs a couple of extra minutes between clients to get the room sanitised and ready for you, so we thank you for your patience and understanding.


We use the cleaning processes recommended by the Department of Health, which include a detergent solution and single-use microfibre cloths. Our cloths are washable which is much more environmentally friendly in comparison to the disposable wipes; as is the concentrated solution which we mix ourselves to the recommended dosage instead of using single-use spray bottles.

Cleaning around the clinic

Our admin team have implemented a cleaning schedule which occurs a number of times every day, with all high-traffic areas of the clinic wiped down and sanitised. This includes (but is not limited to) cleaning pens after each use, wiping down door handles, and counter surfaces.

We have (to the disappointment of many!) decided to remove our cool mints from reception for the time being, as well as our water dispenser and magazines. We have hand sanitiser available at our reception desks as well as throughout the rest of the clinic, which we ask you utilise upon your arrival and departure.

We also have distanced our waiting room chairs to adhere to physical distancing requirements. To offset this, we have created an additional waiting area for those waiting for classes or gym sessions.

Cleaning in Classes 

Our class participants have enthusiastically adopted our new cleaning processes and use detergent and cloths to wipe down all equipment they use throughout the class, with assistance and supervision from our allied health professionals. While we have slowly increased our class capacities from when COVID first began in 2020, they are still well below the maximum numbers allowed with respect to physical distancing. Our class capacities will continue to be guided by SA Health and our clients.

What can you do to help us fight the spread?

The most important things you can do to help us include:

  • Contacting us as soon as possible before your appointment if you’re experiencing any COVID or cold symptoms and are required to isolate
  • In line with physical distancing requirements, we ask that only 1 additional support person attends the appointment with you
  • If you are attending classes, please adhere to our new cleaning procedures and utilise the microfibre cloths and detergent solutions available in the Studios and Gyms

As always, your health and the health of our staff is our number one priority. We will continue to communicate with you via phone, email and social media about any updates and changes that come into effect. Please feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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