Treatment Options.

Do you have an injury, chronic condition, illness or niggle which isn’t going away? Move for Better Health has experienced Physiotherapists who can provide treatment for common issues, as well as more complex problems.

Our allied health professionals are committed to producing a tailored solution for your problem by providing an evidence based, personalised approach to your issue. They will undertake a thorough assessment at your initial appointment, as well as develop a Recommended Treatment Plan to map out your diagnosis, management options, and recommendations.

Hands-on therapy, education and exercise are integral parts of our approach to treatment. We aim to address and resolve the injuries or conditions we see for the long term to prevent recurrences, while also providing short-term relief.

Move for Better Health can help with:

Treatment Options Include:

  • Hands-on treatment: Our Physiotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapists are experienced allied health practitioners, with a wide range of special interests. All are committed to ongoing professional development so they can provide up to date treatment plans based on clinical evidence
  • Exercises: We believe that in many cases, movement is medicine. Our allied health practitioners utilize a range of supervised class options or home exercise programmes where appropriate
  • Advice & lifestyle changes: In addition to hands-on and exercise based treatment plans, some staff are also qualified in Mindfulness Meditation and Health Coaching
  • Supervised exercise classes: As part of our exercise based approach to treatment, we offer a range of classes which you can find out more about here
  • Dry Needling: In addition to manual therapy, we also offer Dry Needling which can provide more a more specific way to treat muscles or trigger points
  • Pain education: If you have a long term or chronic condition, we provide pain education and alternative approaches to exercise and treatment
  • Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction (MBSR): We offer MBSR courses which can help with stress management, anxiety, sleep, chronic pain, and incorporating mindfulness into daily life

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