Get Started in 2017 By Peter Tziavrangos

The phrase “you get out what you put in” implies that success will come with hard work, but does this mantra apply to our health and fitness? I’m expecting to hear a resounding YES, but what if the knowledge you have regarding health and fitness is not applicable to your own needs. How does that […] Read More

Breastfeeding & Mastitis By Jenny Phillips

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, so what better time to think about why breastfeeding is so important? Breastfeeding is such a great way to improve the health outcomes of both the infant and mother – even many years later. Many new mums would be familiar with the phrase “breast is best”. This is because […] Read More

Improve Your Bottom Line: World Continence Week 2016 By Jenny Phillips

Do you know how to improve your bladder and bowel health, with just a few simple lifestyle modifications? As part of World Continence Week 2016, we’re promoting the different ways which you can easily modify your bowel and bladder habits, which is not only important to practice for new mums & mums to be, but […] Read More

Discovering the Fundamentals of Pilates: My Time at Move So Far By Peter Tziavrangos

It’s been a few months since I begun working at Move and boy has it gone quickly! The clinic has been buzzing lately with all the various Pilates classes and 1:1 appointments happening. I’m halfway through with my current Beginners Mat Pilates group as they embark on a journey into discovering or re discovering the […] Read More

What I’ve Been Up To By Jenny Phillips

Since becoming a Titled Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist recently, I haven’t sat back and rested on my laurels – although sometimes I think a little bit more of this would be nice! I have been involved in several events with our professional body, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) in the past few weeks. Firstly, […] Read More

Becoming a Titled Physio: What It’s All About By Jenny Phillips

If you’ve been into the clinic in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen the sign announcing I’ve been awarded as a Titled APA Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist. I am absolutely thrilled and proud to be awarded this title, as it has involved countless hours of hard work to achieve this. However, you may […] Read More

How to Get Your Kids Moving By Peter Tziavrangos

In response to the recent Physical Activity and Sport Participation Campaign Insights Report, a government campaign titled Girls- Make Your Move was rolled out nationwide to challenge girls and young women to take a stand against physical inactivity within their age group and gender. In Australia this research has shown girls and young women are […] Read More

Type 2 Diabetes: How to Move for Better Health By Peter Tziavrangos

Many Australians find it difficult to make diet and exercise a priority within their daily lives as work, family and social commitments can often get in the way. Unfortunately, this has contributed to a steady rise in lifestyle diseases, specifically Type 2 Diabetes. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2011–12, almost 1 million […] Read More

We’ve Changed! By Peter Tziavrangos

We’ve changed! Can you tell? Well, it’s only a subtle change (our logo and branding), but to be honest it’s been happening for a while. You may have noticed that we’ve increased the range of exercise options we offer in recent years, and expanded the size of the clinic. We’ve added some new members to […] Read More

Exercise & Pregnancy By Jenny Phillips

Michelle Bridges, the 45 year old celebrity personal trainer on the Biggest Loser, has been under fire recently for her choice of exercise during her pregnancy. She is due to give birth in December, and would currently be in her third trimester. She was recently photographed doing a workout on a beach, involving doing abdominal […] Read More


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