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How to Forecast your Fitness as you get older!  By Move for Better Health

Our team of allied health practitioners understand that optimising your health over the life span can be a complex journey. We know that what we do with our physical activity can have a huge impact on how long we can remain ‘young’ and continue to do the things we love into our later years. To […] Read More

Pilates Reformer Classes – What is all the fuss about?  By Move for Better Health

At Move for Better Health, one of our key goals is to help you move more. We offer a variety of supervised exercise options designed to cater to your current level of fitness or goals. Using Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, and Exercise Scientists for exercise supervision, we ensure you are in safe hands with all of […] Read More

The Pillars of Health By Move for Better Health

At Move for Better Health, we understand that optimising your health over the life span can be a complex journey.  To cut through the complexity, we simplify things to focus on four key areas that form the pillars of health: movement, mental health, nutrition, and sleep. Each pillar plays a crucial role in maintaining overall […] Read More

The Physio’s Guide to Returning to Work After a Break By Russell Turbill

Returning to work after a break might pose challenges, but with a focus on ergonomic practices, you can make your workday not only productive but also beneficial for your physical well-being. As a physiotherapist, Russell Turbill understands the importance of maintaining good posture, enhancing strength and mobility and staying active, especially as we transition back […] Read More

New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Key Things to Focus On By Move for Better Health

As the New Year unfolds, it is common to set resolutions with the intention to lead a healthier lifestyle. However, for many of us, especially those managing a health or painful condition, navigating this journey can be a challenging experience.  To help you get started in 2024, we would recommend the following 3 key things […] Read More

Our Tips for Staying Active this Holiday Season By Move for Better Health

As the holiday season approaches, many of us find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of festive preparations, family gatherings, and delicious indulgences. While it’s a time to celebrate and unwind, it’s crucial not to disregard our physical well-being and staying active. This time of year, we often encounter clients who are eager to improve their […] Read More

Physio Bike Fit By Russell Turbill

With a wealth of experience as a physiotherapist and cyclist behind him, Russell Turbill shares how he assesses both the rider and their bike in a Physio Bike Fit, and also some of the recent client problems that have been referred to him this year for help with their bike riding. Is a Physio Bike […] Read More

Understanding and treating TMJ issues By Move for Better Health

The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is more than just a mouthful – it’s the hinge that connects your jawbone to your skull on either side of your head.  When this joint is out of balance, it can lead to a range of issues, including jaw pain, headaches and neck pain.  Our team at Move for Better […] Read More

Welcome to the New Chapter for Eastern Sports and Spinal Care By Move for Better Health

For over three decades, Eastern Sports and Spinal Care has been a respected name in the world of Physiotherapy and Pilates. Founded by the dedicated Libby Austin, this clinic has been synonymous with top-quality care and unwavering support. Libby’s influence extended far beyond her role as a physiotherapist; she was a mentor, a sports medicine […] Read More

Maximise Your Summer Sports Experience with Physiotherapy Expertise By Move for Better Health

This summer, let Move for Better Health’s physiotherapists enhance your summer sport experience!  Whether you’re chasing personal best, seeking the thrill of performing well at competition, or a casual exerciser and someone looking to become more active during the summer, physiotherapy can be incredibly valuable for anyone looking to be more active, regardless of your […] Read More

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