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Women’s Health

DISCOVER Conference Review 2022: Learning from the Golden State Warriors By Move for Better Health

To commence our DISCOVER conference, we heard from Antony Hirst, a practising Physiotherapist since 1992 (and a lover of basketball) from Victoria, about what we can learn from the success of the NBA team Golden State Warriors and applying it into providing the best possible long-term outcomes for our clients.  In healthcare, the number one […] Read More

Move’s DISCOVER Conference 2022: What We Learned! By Move for Better Health

We recently held our second annual Move for Better Health conference! This year’s theme was Discover – to unlock and share the immense knowledge and expertise from within our diverse and wide group of health professionals.  Over two days, we heard from a variety of speakers and participated in panels to learn and workshop new […] Read More

Patella Tendinopathy By Emil Tow

Patella tendinopathy typically causes localised pain at the patella tendon (below the kneecap).  Most general daily activities can still be performed in those with this problem however with reduced capacity. Symptoms are generally most noticeable during high impact activities such as running, jumping and hopping. Patella tendinopathy is commonly associated with high impact jumping sports, […] Read More

My Hormones are Affecting My Weight: Exercise & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome By Peter Tziavrangos

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS affects 8-12% women of reproductive age and is the most common endocrine disorder for this age group. PCOS is characterised by a presence of excess and rogens (eg testosterone) in the body that can lead to symptoms such as acne, irregular menstrual cycles, excessive body hair, scalp hair loss, weight […] Read More

Breastfeeding & Mastitis By Move for Better Health

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, so what better time to think about why breastfeeding is so important? Breastfeeding is such a great way to improve the health outcomes of both the infant and mother – even many years later. Many new mums would be familiar with the phrase “breast is best”. This is because […] Read More

Exercise & Pregnancy By Move for Better Health

Michelle Bridges, the 45 year old celebrity personal trainer on the Biggest Loser, has been under fire recently for her choice of exercise during her pregnancy. She is due to give birth in December, and would currently be in her third trimester. She was recently photographed doing a workout on a beach, involving doing abdominal […] Read More

Pilates During Pregnancy: Can it Help Back & Pelvic Girdle Pain? By Move for Better Health

Many people have heard of the positive benefits of Pilates exercises during pregnancy. Some of you may have done (or are currently doing)Pilates during your own pregnancies. At Move we are sometimes asked what are the benefits of doing Pilates during pregnancy. Some also question what evidence exists for the benefits of Pilates during the […] Read More

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