Pregnancy Exercise Options.

To help facilitate your prenatal preparation and post-natal recovery, we offer a number of pregnancy exercise options. These include Pre and Post-Natal Pilates Mat classes and Hydrotherapy (water-based) classes.

About Pre & Post-Natal Pilates Mat Classes

Regular, modified exercise can help your body adapt to the postural, cardiovascular and other physical changes it will experience throughout pregnancy. Pilates can be ideal for this, as it can safely and effectively build your strength and postural awareness.

The core principals of Pilates include postural alignment, breathing control, centering, concentration and the precision of movement. Pregnant women undergo such rapid and extreme changes during pregnancy, so all of these Pilates principles are addressed in classes.

We offer both Pre-Natal Pilates Mat classes, as well as Mums and Bubs Pilates Mat classes to accommodate you throughout the pregnancy and post natal period.

Find out more about our Pre-Natal Pilates Mat classes here, and our Mums and Bubs Pilates Mat classes here.

About Pregnancy Hydrotherapy Classes

Pregnancy Hydrotherapy classes can be a fantastic way to exercise during pregnancy. The warmth and weightlessness of the water can allow you to exercise with ease in the lead up to your baby’s arrival, in addition to helping you recover afterwards.

Our Pregnancy Hydrotherapy combine gentle cardio, stability and strength, and are held in an indoor heated pool.

Find out more here.

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