Pre/Postnatal Exercise.

Regular, modified exercise can help your body adapt to the postural, cardiovascular and other physical changes it will experience during and following pregnancy. To help facilitate your prenatal preparation and post-natal recovery, we offer a number of Pregnancy & Post-Natal options:

Pre/Postnatal Mat Pilates

  • Gentle to intermediate level of Pilates exercise
  • Specifically designed and suitable for all stages of pregnancy
  • Focus on core control, posture and gentle mobility
  • Great option for those with pregnancy aches and pains

Pre/Postnatal Reformer Pilates

  • More challenging – intermediate to more advanced Pilates compared with the mat classes, but still safe and specifically designed for pregnant women
  • Classes include Pilates Reformer and floor exercises
  • Suitable for those with a higher level of baseline fitness, previous Pilates experience and without any aches or pains

Pre/Postnatal Fit

  • More challenging class involving cardiovascular exercise and strength training, yet safe and specifically designed for pregnant and post-natal women
  • Suitable for post-natal women who have a higher baseline level of fitness, and are accustomed to weights training
  • Run in a circuit format

Pre/Postnatal Hydrotherapy

  • Gentle to intermediate level class in the pool
  • Includes strengthening, stretching, and relaxing exercises in a more weightless environment
  • Great option for those with pregnancy aches and pains

Pilates Studio

  • Not a pregnancy specific class, but all participants have individualised programs, tailored to their needs
  • Gentle to more advanced level exercises on Pilates studio equipment
  • Over 35 Pilates Studio classes per week with early morning and evening times available, as well as Saturday mornings

Pregnancy & Post-Natal Class Timetable

To see what pregnancy or post-natal specific classes we run on a weekly basis, click here.

How to Book

Before starting any of the classes mentioned above, you will need to attend a 1:1 Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists. This allows them to speak with you in more detail about your pregnancy, any issues you may be experiencing, your general health, and the basics of exercising during pregnancy or the post-natal period.

We also require a signed Medical Clearance from your GP, Midwife or Obstetrician before you commence pregnancy classes. We happily provide a simple template for your Doctor to complete on your behalf, and we also accept a signed letter or general Pregnancy Consent Form instead.

To book an assessment, you can:

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