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Type 2 Diabetes Management Plans.

This type of Medicare referral can be extremely helpful for those with Type 2 Diabetes. Providing you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, you can access up to 9 sessions with either an Exercise Physiologist, Diabetes Educator or Dietitian to assist in the management of your Type 2 Diabetes.

The sessions included in this referral are:

  • 1 assessment for group services per calendar year
  • up to 8 group allied health services per calendar year

You can obtain a Type 2 Diabetes Management Plan in addition to a Chronic Disease Management Plan. When combined, they can provide a significant number of partially-rebated sessions to help you manage your Diabetes and general health!

How to get a Type 2 Diabetes Management Plan referral?

To start the process of obtaining this referral, you first need to see your GP who will confirm if you are eligible, and if so will set up the required documentation. 

The required documents are a GP Management Plan (a summary of your medical history and management plan) and the Department of Health (or equivalent) Type 2 Diabetes Management Plan referral form. 

Once these documents are completed and sent to the allied health practitioner, you can access the Medicare rebates to fund visits with your chosen allied health practitioner. 

How do I use my Type 2 Diabetes Referral at Move for Better Health?

At Move for Better Health, you can use your Type 2 Diabetes Management Plan with Exercise Physiologists from iNform Health & Fitness Solutions.

At the time of billing, we will request payment in full, and then we will submit your claim to Medicare through our online claiming system. The rebate will be refunded into your nominated bank account within a short time frame (usually within 24 hours).

The rebate you receive for the Assessment is $74.80, and the rebate for Group Classes is $18.65 each class, unless you have reached the Medicare safety net, at which point the rebate is increased to a higher percentage of the total cost of the service (often 80% – 100% of the total cost, depending on the individual circumstances). 

Unfortunately you are not able to claim with both Medicare and Private Health Insurance for the same service. However when you have exhausted your allocated Medicare sessions, we can switch to using private health insurance – if you have cover for that allied health discipline – so that you still only need to pay the gap that’s leftover after the rebate has been paid. 

To find the exact costs and gaps involved with our services, please contact us to find out more. The costs depend on which type of allied health practitioner you need to see, the type of service you require, and whether you have any government concessions.

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