Medicare Referrals for Allied Health.

There are different types of Medicare referrals that can be accessed through your GP, and can provide extra funding for allied health care (providing you meet Medicare’s eligibility criteria). 

The most common referrals that can be accessed through Medicare for allied health include: 

  • Chronic Disease Management Plans (previously known as “EPCs” or Enhanced Primary Care plans) – up to 5 allied health sessions partially funded through Medicare 
  • Type 2 Diabetes Management Plans – up to 9 sessions (1 Assessment and 8 Group Sessions) partially funded through Medicare with an Exercise Physiologist or Diabetes Educator to help with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Better Access (also known as Mental Health Treatment Plans) – up to 20 sessions partially funded through Medicare with a Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist 

Here at Move for Better Health, we regularly see clients under Chronic Disease Management Plans, Type 2 Diabetes Management Plans, and Mental Health Treatment Plan referrals.

We also accept other types of referrals, including Return to Work, Compulsory Third Party, DVA and NDIS. 

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