Yoga Classes.

The benefits of Yoga are far reaching. In addition to the physical benefits of building strength and flexibility, intelligent movement and body awareness, Yoga can improve your mental health and general well being. It can also help to develop better resilience to face the stresses of daily life.

Our Beginners Yoga Classes are run by qualified Physiotherapists who have completed additional training and qualifications in the Iyengar method. Classes are at a ‘beginners’ level, and are suitable for those who are brand new to Yoga as well as those who are looking for a low to medium difficulty level.

You can join our Beginners Yoga Classes by calling Move on 8373 5655.

Yoga aims to improve:

  • Strength
  • Range of movement
  • Flexibility
  • Stability
  • Breath awareness & control
  • Mental focus & relaxation

What to Expect from Yoga

This course focuses on the precision and alignment in each movement, and we provide feedback and 1:1 attention in each class. They may include props, including blankets, blocks or belts.

Classes are generally appropriate for different age groups or experience levels, and can also be a useful way for those who have practiced Yoga before to reintroduce themselves to the basics.

We believe in using qualified allied health professionals who are certified and experienced to teach exercise classes, and Yoga is no exception. Juliana Portolesi is a certified Yoga instructor in the Iyengar method and a qualified Physiotherapist.

Before joining classes, participants attend a 30 minute initial assessment with Juliana, who will get to know more about their health history, and go through some basic information about Iyengar Yoga. Classes are 75 minutes in duration and incorporate the breathing and meditative aspects of Yoga as well as Yoga practice itself.


Weekly Beginners Level Yoga Classes: Wednesdays 7.15pm

Instructor: Juliana Portolesi

Location: Malvern

How to Book

To book into Yoga, you can:

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