Pilates is a system of exercises deigned to attain and maintain optimal fitness. Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, it is based on the belief that conscious control and understanding of movement is paramount to forming good habits.

Pilates exercises can be done on the floor with additional equipment (resistance bands, for example) or on Pilates machines including the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Multi-chair and Spine Corrector.

Pilates can be beneficial if you are:

  • Experiencing neck or back pain
  • Wanting to increase flexibility or core strength
  • Needing to improve your posture, or general health & well-being
  • Requiring rehabilitation or personalised exercise programmes

Our Pilates Options

Move Physio has a team of qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, who provide a range of Pilates options including 1:1’s, personalised programmes, group equipment classes and group mat classes.

Pilates can cater for beginners (starting with the basics) to those experienced with Pilates and looking for a challenge. These options include:

  • Equipment Classes: After an initial assessment, we will develop a personalised programme for you to undertake within the Pilates Studio. This program may include Pilates-based exercises, as well as floor, exercise ball or resistance exercises.
  • Pilates Mat Classes: Led by certified instructors, our Pilates Mat Classes are ideal for those who are wanting to work on their fitness, strength and mobility, and do not have an ongoing health or movement issue
  • Pilates Reformer Classes: Similar to our Pilates Mat classes, we run Pilates Reformer Classes which are undertaken on the Reformer only, and are focused on fitness, strength and mobility. These classes are not ideal for those with ongoing health or movement issues
  • Pre/Postnatal Pilates Mat: Our qualified Physiotherapists run group Pilates Mat classes dedicated to safe exercise during the pre/postnatal period
  • Pre/Postnatal Pilates Reformer: These group Pilates Reformer classes are for general fitness, and are dedicated to pre or postnatal women

What to Expect

All Pilates classes are run by Physiotherapists, who have undertaken additional training in the Pilates method.

Depending on your individual situation, you may be better suited to one type of class than another. Equipment classes are best for those who have specific conditions or injuries which they would like to address, whereas our Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer classes are focused on general strengthening and fitness.

How to Book

To book with any of our experienced & qualified allied health staff, you can:

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