Bike Fit.

If you are planning to spend more time on the bike, are returning to cycling after having had a break for a while, or just can’t get comfortable on the bike then you should consider a Physio Bike Fit.

Not just for the lycra clad road bike rider, a Physio Bike Fit is a sensible approach to getting you in the best posture possible for bike riding, whether you are a novice rider, regular commuter, road bike weekend warrior or a serious cyclist.

We would recommend having a Physio Bike Fit if you are uncomfortable riding a bike (including having pain in your back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, knees, hips or feet/toes) get pins and needles or numbness when cycling or if you have had an injury needing treatment (even if the injury wasn’t bike related).

What we Do

A Bike Fit assesses your current bike set up to ensure it is ideally suited to your body dimensions. While  you may have had your body measured up when you bought your bike to help select the right size frame and seat height, a Physiotherapist can build on these measurements from a different perspective.

A Physio Bike Fit combines assessment of the bike and the rider.

This assessment considers a number of variables relating to your bike set up including:

  • Foot/Pedal/Cleat position
  • Seat height and position
  • Head stem length and height
  • Handle bar positioning

In addition to looking at your body dimensions, and the basic formula for your bike set up, a Physio Bike Fit is a more individualised and personalised service, which can also make allowances for your:

  • Flexibility
  • Posture type
  • Current or pre-existing injuries
  • Cycling Goals

After making any necessary changes to your bike, we can also give you advice on the ideal exercises and stretches for you to do to minimise any discomfort you get when riding, and reduce the likelihood of bike related injuries.

What to Expect from a Bike Fit

You will need to allow up to 90 minutes for your Physio Bike Fit. We perform an assessment of you riding your bike while stationary within the practice to better understand your ideal set up, as well as adjusting the bike itself so you can immediately benefit from the changes. We ask that you bring your bike and bike shoes with you to your assessment.

If required, we are able to fit more than one bike in this session, however we need an additional 30 minutes per bike to do this.

How to Book

To book a Physio Bike Fit with Peter, you can:

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