Pre/Postnatal Reformer Pilates.

Pre/Postnatal Reformer Pilates classes take place in our studio, and utilise the Reformers and floor exercises, in a fun, choreographed format, with a maximum of four people per class. Classes are generally at a higher intensity than our Pre/Postnatal Pilates Mat classes, whilst still being designed specifically for the needs of pregnant women. However, as the exercises are less readily modifiable, these classes may not be suitable for those with pelvic girdle or low back pain in pregnancy.

About Pilates

In the 1920’s, Joseph Pilates developed a unique system of exercises designed to attain and maintain optimal physical fitness. Pilates was at the forefront of proposing that a stronger midsection or “core” would protect the spine and form a stable platform from which the limbs could move more efficiently. Research in the last 30 years supports this premise, but has refined the way we recruit these muscles, to achieve optimal support and function.

A deep muscular corset around the spine, assists in controlling movement and stabilising the pelvis and low back when we move.  In this group of muscles, the deepest layer of abdominals (Transversus Abdominis), works together with Multifidis (deep muscle on your spine), the Diaphragm and the Pelvic Floor to regulate intra-abdominal pressure and spinal stability. These postural muscles generally work at varying low levels in the background of all movements. Correctly positioning and moving the shoulder blades also assists this stabilising mechanism.

Why Reformer Pilates Classes for Pregnancy?

Like Mat classes, the Pre/Postnatal Reformer Pilates classes are based on the fundamental Pilates methods, with a focus on suitable core control (using the deep abdominal corset and Pelvic Floor muscles) postural awareness and joint flexibility. However the Reformer classes are more challenging, and are aimed at pregnant or postnatal women with a reasonable baseline level of fitness (without joint aches or pains).

How to Book

Before starting classes, you will need to attend a 1:1 Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists so they can speak to you in more detail about your pregnancy, any issues you may be experiencing, your general health, and the basics of Pilates.

If you’re pregnant, we also require a signed Medical Clearance from your GP, Midwife or Obstetrician before you commence classes. We happily provide a simple template for your Doctor to complete on your behalf, and we also accept a signed letter or general Pregnancy Consent Form instead.

To book an assessment, you can:

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