Move for Better Health runs Gym classes that can be ideal for those wanting to improve their cardiovascular fitness or strength, rehabilitate an injury, or train in a supervised environment for a specific sport or event under the care of a Physiotherapist.

In our Gym classes, you do your own personalised exercise programme which is tailored to your body & health. A Physiotherapist designs this programme after a thorough initial assessment with you. Your programme can be purely fitness based to build up strength and fitness, it can be highly targeted to focus on improving a health condition, or it can rehabilitate your body after an injury or surgical procedure.

Gym classes are held in our on-site gym that includes cardio resistance machines, equipment and free-weights to help you get the most from your sessions.

All classes are supervised by Physiotherapists who have extra training in clinical exercise. We place a strong emphasis on technique and precision within each part of your programme, to maximise results and ensure safety within each class.

Classes can cater for those brand new to structured exercise, or those with experience in gym work who are wanting a challenge.

Some of the reasons we design exercise programmes include:

How to Start Gym classes

To ensure our Physiotherapists can provide an exercise programme which is both appropriate for your needs, challenging, and helps you work towards your exercise goals, we generally require you to attend:

  • 1:1 Gym Assessment: where your Physio will speak to you about your medical history, past issues and your fitness goals. They will also undertake a number of tests and assessments to get an overall picture of your current levels of fitness. Following this assessment, your instructor will develop your personalized programme ready for your 1:1 exercise sessions.
  • 1-2 Gym 1:1s: These 1:1 sessions are held in our Gym, where you will be taken through your exercise programme. This is an important part of the process, as it educates you on the proper technique required for each exercise, and what weights or settings you should start with

Depending on your individual circumstances and goals for an exercise programme, you don’t necessarily have to continue into our supervised on-site classes. Alternatively, you may choose to continue your exercise programme at home or a gym.

We have a wide range of times and days available for Gym classes which you can see here. To ensure maximum 1:1 attention and support, our classes are limited to 5 per session. We offer casual bookings (booking one class at a time) as well as recurring bookings (the same class each week).

How to Book

To book an assessment with a Physiotherapist to start Gym classes, you can:

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