Beginners Mat Pilates Course.

Next course starts Saturday 6th October at 10.15am. Full details below!

New to Pilates, or need a refresher on the basics? Our Beginners Mat Pilates Course is the ideal way to start.

This course is held in our dedicated Mat Studio, and run by experienced and qualified allied health professionals who have extra training in the Pilates Method. It can allow you to start exercising in a safe but challenging way, under supervision of an experienced health professional.

It introduces you to the 5 key Pilates elements which will improve your core, posture and movement control. In addition to this, it can also help back pain, neck pain & headaches.

The course teaches you:

  • Breathing control – using your entire lung capacity to ensure the oxygen gets to the base of your lungs
  • Core control – being able to maintain neutral spine and active your supportive inner core muscles
  • Rib cage placement – maintaining the abdominal connection between your lower rib cage and pelvis to ensure your ribs remain soft and spine neutral while you exercise
  • Shoulder blade movement and placement – allowing the correct muscles around your shoulder blades and upper back to perform the work to maintain correct shoulder blade positioning when you exercise
  • Head and neck placement – ensuring that you are recruiting the correct muscles around your head and neck and they remain in optimal alignment when you exercise
  • Hip and knee alignment – ensuring that your knee remains in line with your foot and hip to ensure correct muscles are used for exercise and translating this into correct walking and running technique and posture in everyday life.

Not only are these elements important during exercise, but with practise, they should also transition into your everyday life. So, if you find the exercises difficult initially, with practice they should become easy and feel natural.

On the completion of the course, you can continue practicing Pilates at home using the principles you have learned, or you can progress into the Pilates MatPilates Reformer, or Pilates Equipment classes, which are run on our full equipped on site Pilates studio.

Additionally, we provide the option of transferring to Gym classes if you need to work more on your general strength and fitness too.

What to Expect

You’ll start the course with a 1:1 assessment with your instructor, so you can go through the essentials of the Pilates Method, discuss any medical history and your health & fitness goals.

After that, classes will commence at a basic level with just a Mat and pillow. Each class will run for 45 minutes. They will progress in difficulty, with new exercises and equipment introduced every week.

On the completion of the course, you undergo a post-course assessment to check on your progress and get guidance from your Physio on continuing your practice (whether it be at home or in a supervised class environment).

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Upcoming Course Dates

Upcoming Course Starts: Saturday 6th October 10.15am – 11am. Register for the course by calling 8373 5655.

Duration: 8 weeks

Instructor: Bec Thiele

Location: Malvern

How to Book

To book into an upcoming Beginners Mat Pilates Course, you can:

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