Forget RICE, Remember POLICE! By Move for Better Health

We have all been told to R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compress and elevate) a muscle injury but what if R.I.C.E. shouldn’t be on the menu? First, lets get back to basics. What are muscle injuries? How do you know if you have one? Why remember P.O.L.I.C.E. instead of R.I.C.E when it comes to managing them? How […] Read More

Pilates: For the Everyday Person to Elite Athletes By Jacqui Haskett

Many people think Pilates is targeted only towards non-athletes, however we know that many adults may benefit no matter their physical strength or capabilities. Even elite athletes find it difficult to correctly activate and strengthen their main core muscle, the transversus abdominus (TA). As a result, low back pain or other injuries may occur. As […] Read More

How Hydrotherapy can help your health during Winter By Jacqui Haskett

With the cooler weather now upon us and the chill of winter in the air, exercising during the winter months can be challenging. This can be due to a number of reasons, ranging from not wanting to exercise out in the cold weather, an increase in joint or muscular pain during the colder months, or […] Read More

Recommended Treatment for Lower Back Pain By Move for Better Health

Lower back pain is the leading cause of physical disability worldwide. In 2018, a leading medical journal The Lancet published a series of papers on the cause and treatment of lower back pain. These articles recommend nonpharmacological types of treatment such as exercise and Physiotherapy. We discuss these articles, their recommendations, and the best types […] Read More

Reduce IBS Symptoms through FODMAPS Diets By Move for Better Health

The low FODMAPS diet (low in short chain poorly absorbed and highly fermentable carbohydrates) has been found to be successful in lowering IBS symptoms in 50-80% of patients, based on controlled experiments. The diet’s key action is to reduce the amount of gas produced by bacteria in the gut, which then reduces the amount of […] Read More

Preferred Provider Schemes: What are they? By Peter Tziavrangos

We often get asked why we aren’t part of any preferred provider schemes, and so we have put some information together to help you understand how these schemes work, and why we do not participate in them. It also outlines some options that may be of benefit for you to consider. Firstly it is important […] Read More

Over the Counter Codeine & Persistent Pain By Peter Tziavrangos

As of the 1st of February 2018, Codeine medication will no longer be available over the counter. This includes medications such as Panadeine, Nurofen Plus and also some cough suppressant medications. From that date onwards, these medications will be prescription only. This is part of a strategy to reduce the over use and harm caused […] Read More

How Food Can Impact Headaches & Migraines By Peter Tziavrangos

Part 1: Headaches, migraines and your diet. Is there a link? By Physiotherapist, Peter Tziavrangos I’m excited to announce that we can now offer Nutrition and Dietetics services at Move for Better Health! For some time, I have been trying to find a Dietitian with the right experience and qualifications to practice with the team […] Read More

How to Select the Right School Bag & Shoes By Peter Tziavrangos

With my kids going back to school this week, I was interested to read ‘How to choose the right school bag and shoes according to an expert’ which quoted some great advice from Australian Paediatric Physiotherapist Julianne Pegler. It is a timely reminder that kids spend over 1500 hours in their school shoes, and of […] Read More

Choosing the Right Pillow By Peter Tziavrangos

The wrong pillow can contribute greatly to the stiffness and pain we get from neck problems, especially if you find that you struggle to get comfortable with your head or neck position at night, wake in the night with pain, or find that your pain can be worse first thing in the morning. Pillows come […] Read More


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