A Multi-Disciplinary Insight into Running By Move for Better Health

Running is the most participated form of physical activity worldwide, with almost 70% of runners experiencing a running-related injury during any given year. We’ve combined the knowledge of our Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists & Podiatrists to give you a comprehensive overview of: The most common running injuries & what causes them – Sam Campagnale, Physio Gym […] Read More

How Well Did You Sleep Last Night? By Move for Better Health

By Neralie Cain, Clinical Psychologist Sleep is such a funny thing. As young children, many of us resist it. As we grow up, we learn its’ value and sometimes even crave it; yet, we often do not prioritise it. But how do we know whether the insufficient sleep that we complain about is more than […] Read More

Changes to Pilates Claiming with Private Health Insurance By Move for Better Health

What’s changing to Pilates claiming? The Department of Health has made changes to legislation which applies to private health insurance. The purpose of these changes is to remove private health insurance funding for therapies which are not medically based. There are certain types of natural therapies, including “Pilates”, which will no longer be eligible for […] Read More

‘Clock Yourself’ One Step at a Time By Sam Campagnale

Improving your movement reaction time may not be something you think to work on when you’re exercising. Few people realise how important it is to incorporate this type of training into their exercise routine, especially when it comes to: Reducing your risk of falls (reactive step training has been shown to reduce an older adults’ […] Read More

Low back pain: Can we mitigate the inadvertent psycho-behavioural harms of spinal imaging? By Peter Tziavrangos

Re: Low back pain: Can we mitigate the inadvertent psycho-behavioural harms of spinal imaging? Australian Journal of General Practice. Volume 47, No. 9, September 2018 In light of this recent article in the Australian Journal of General Practice regarding the use of imaging in the management of low back pain I was pleased to see […] Read More

A Dietitian’s Guide to Indulgence By Move for Better Health

If you’ve spent a long weekend with a belly full of food and regret, you are not alone. Indulgences are often integral components long weekends, holidays, special occasions and celebrations. But why do we always overdo it? Holiday celebrations are often seen as a ‘write offs’, where we can eat as much as we want […] Read More

Super Foods or just Super Healthy Foods? By Move for Better Health

With the nature of our quick response media we are often exposed to a plethora of nutrition information, some accurate and some not so. The topic of superfoods often raises the eyebrows of those who are nutrition aware, however there is no magic ingredient – superfoods are foods with a unique nutritional composition that have […] Read More

How Physios Treat Vertigo By Jacqui Haskett

Have you experienced vertigo, nausea, vomiting, or balance issues during or immediately after moving your head position? You may be experiencing Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (or BPPV), which is the most common cause of vertigo symptoms. This inner ear condition can make you feel sudden, brief and intense dizziness, and can often be successfully treated […] Read More

Keeping Tradies Healthy By Peter Tziavrangos

I read with great concern just recently that Australia’s tradies were more likely to look after their tools, than their own health! 79% of them said they took good care of their tools compared to just 47% who said they took good care of their bodies. Additionally, tradies are over represented in statistics for serious workplace […] Read More

Exercise Guidelines Made Easy By Move for Better Health

Most of us know that living an active life is integral to having good health, but what does living an active life really mean? We’ve heard different answers to this question over the years, which often results in confusion about what we should or shouldn’t be doing. How do you know what information is backed […] Read More


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