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Sustainability Practices.

Here at Move, we are committed to using sustainable practice options whenever possible. These include investing in renewable energy sources, recycling, composting our waste where appropriate, and making mindful choices regarding the products we use and sell. We try our best to incorporate as many environmentally friendly & ethical practices into our clinics as possible and we are always open to learning and improving our practices! 

We do our best to be conservative when it comes to our energy consumption and use solar panels at our Malvern, Magill and Glenelg locations, to try and move our power consumption from the grid to our own renewable sources. It was very exciting to see that on some days, even when it’s cloudy, we are 100% self-sufficient from solar power. Thanks to the team at SOLARLAB installations who made this sometimes complex and difficult process a very easy one! We also have incorporated mindful energy consumption practices and as part of our closing procedure we check the whole building and turn off any lights, air conditioners and power points that are not in use.

In our staff rooms, our bin systems are almost as complex as our client bookings! As a clinic, we utilise paper recycling, 10c can recycling and composable waste and also recycle our electronics, including used batteries, printer cartridges and other electronic waste. 

Having these systems in place means that we are sending less of our waste into landfill and more toward recycling plants where they will be disposed of correctly! For more recycling and waste tips, you can visit https://www.whichbin.sa.gov.au/tips

We use Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, tissues and paper towel roll around the clinics. These toilet paper rolls are biodegradable and made from Bamboo fibres which is a type of grass that grows incredibly quickly making it a more sustainable option over trees. There is no plastic involved in their packaging, so even the wrappers can be recycled, composted or repurposed.

Another small change we have made was moving away from using pod coffee machines and using beans instead. This allows us to incur as little waste as possible, and also means we can compost the grounds from the machines. The coffee snobs amongst us think the taste of the coffee is much better too.

We make sustainable choices when deciding on which products to stock in our clinics. Where possible we purchase our products in bulk to reduce the carbon footprint left from transport services. Our local Adelaide heat bag stockist, Wili Heatbags, use Australian grown Lupins which are chemical & odour free! Lupins retain heat for longer than wheat, meaning you will have to heat it up less often and use less electricity to do so! MoveActive are an Australian-owned company based in Melbourne who provide us with our Pilates grip socks, water bottles and gloves. They understand the balance between hygiene, safety and style! They have similar values to us in that they believe in giving back as well as care about the environment by reducing their use of plastic by 90% and using recycled or compostable packaging! 

As an allied health centre, we also collect our unused medical products, such as tape, bandages and other first aid kit contents which are expired or close to expiring and donate them to a Medical Outreach program to be sent overseas to countries in need of training/supplies. 

Our damaged or stained linens which can no longer be used within the clinics are donated to local veterinary clinics as well.  

How can you help?

We as a clinic try to go paperless as often as we can. You can also opt for emailed receipts or upcoming booking schedules as well as online programs rather than our traditional paper based coversheets. Just let us know at reception or speak to your practitioner about swapping to paperless. If you do want to stick with a physical copy, that’s okay too! We use 100% recycled paper for our printing to reduce the environmental impact of any printing that we do.

We also accept our staff and clients small electronic waste (such as batteries and power cords) to encourage more electronic recycling in our community! 

As always, we are open to suggestions in ways that we are able to improve our carbon footprint and sustainable practices, let us know!

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